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New Projects :


This is what we're making in Sewing Class this term :




Term 2/2015 Project 1:


  • We will start with a special Mothers' Day Gift...

  • Make a fur-covered lined Jewellery Roll for Mum.

  • Learn to put on a zipper.

Term 2/2015Project 2:


  • Make a cute lip shaped purse out of neoprene and lips printed cotton....can be used as a little cosmetic case or even a pencil case for the girls.

  • More practice on zippers.

  • Learn to sew around curves and sewing materials with different thicknesses.

Term 2/2015 Project 3:


  • Make a white mesh and jersey sports singlet, with an oversized number applique on the back.

  • Learn to applique.

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